Stolen Youth - BBC South East Interview
BBC South East report by Rob Smith regarding the success of Stolen Youth


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stolen youth
Festivals & Awards
Winner of 'Best UK Short'
Canary Wharf Film Festival 2008
Docklands, London, UK

Winner of 'Best Foreign Short'
Canada International Film Festival 2009
Toronto, Canada

Winner of 'Best Film'
Guide Awards - 2008
Portsmouth, UK

Nominated for 'Best Short Film'
California Independent Film Festival 2008
Livermore, USA

Official Selection
Raindance Film Festival 2008
London, UK

Official Selection
Palm Springs ShortFest 2008
California, USA

Official Selection
AFI Dallas 2008
Dallas, USA

Official Selection
San Diego Film Festival 2008
San Diego, USA

Official Selection
Waterford Film Festival 2008
Waterford, Ireland

Official Selection
Santa Barbara Film Festival 2009
California, USA

Official Selection
Bahamas FilM Festival 2008

Official Selection
Barbados Film Festival 2008

Official Selection
Victoria Independent Film Festival 2008