The Signalman & other Ghost stories

September 28th 2012

As part of the Rye Arts Festival and also to mark the bicentenary of Charles Dickens’ birth, Hugh Kermode and I put together an evening of ghost stories. The idea was to bring a traditional Victorian event of telling ghost stories right up to date. So instead of just a person reading stories in a darkened room, we added creative lighting and a surround sound experience. At one point the sound of a steam train thundered through the room!

With one end of the Fletcher Centre dressed like a Victorian drawing room, Roger May entered through the audience, sat down and began to read three classic stories to a sold out audience. The first story was The Semi-Detached House by E. Nesbit, which was followed by Man Sized in Marble also by Nesbit. Then a short interval, where the audience were able to take a look at the model and plans for the two screen cinema that will one day occupy the building.

The second half was the classic Charles Dickens' story the Signalman. A disturbing story that was inspired by Dickens involvement in a train crash, that just happened to take place in the village I live in - Staplehurst. The evening was a success and I was bombarded by questions of how we had done it. During Man-Size in Marble, we had added reverb, when the character had entered a church and one lady asked me how the actor had managed to do that. And someone else thought that a distance dog barking was a neighbour’s dog, who was adding to the atmosphere.

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