Office Romance 2.0: Awards & Distribution Deal

July 2013

Two wins, one runner-up, fifteen offfical selections and a distriution deal for Japan. Not too shabby for a little comedy about a women and a photocopier.


The world premiere of Office Romance 2.0 at The Dam Short Film Festival was a success, as it was awarded Runner-up in the comedy category. The festival is based close to the Hoover Dam, so in case you were wondering it's name is not derived from the length of the films! The winners are decided by audience votes, not by a jury of judges, so it’s good to know that is was appreciated by the public.

It then crossed states to California, where it screened at the LA Comedy Film Festival, LA United Film Festival. It hopped over to New York for the New York United Film Festival, then headed to Spain for the Manlieu Film Festival and then headed east.

In June Office Romance 2.0 was an Official Selection at the Short Shorts & Asia Film Festival, an Academy recognised festival, in Tokyo. It is always gratifying to be accepted into a festival that is just a few steps away from Oscar nomination. OK, we didn’t win the festival, but we did receive a certificate stating that the film was one of the 100 films selected from 4543 entered into the festival. Then in September, we were told that it had been selected as one of 30 films from the festival to go on a tour of Malaysia. And finally they offered us a distribution deal for Japan.

The festival run continued with two screening in London at the East End Film Festival and the London United Film Festival. It then returned to the USA in September 2012 for the San Diego Film Festival and up the coast for the San Francisco United Film Festival where it won it's first award - Jury Award for Best Short Film.

Office Romance 2.0 was then invited to take part in the Prescott Film Festival in July 2013 and won it's second award this time the Audience Award for 'Best Narrative Short.'

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