Nobody's perfect in the desert - Featurette
Featurette documentary about Nobody's Perfect at The Palm Springs ShortFest 2007
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About the Featurette

In August 2007, Nobody's Perfect was screened at the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival. Palm Springs is situated in the heart of the Californian desert and temperatures are usually in excess of 100 degrees! But the festival is without doubt one of the best short film festivals in the world, being on both BAFTA and the Oscars recognised lists.

The festival was a great chance to meet filmmakers and producers from all over the world. Nobody's Perfect was a big success and, while not claiming any prizes, certainly gained a popular following and the biggest laugh of its screening!

While in Palm Springs, producer John Hasler and I made this featurette documentary detailing our time at the festival.



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Nobody's Perfect
Festivals & Awards
'Offical Selection'
Palm Springs ShortFest 2007
California, USA

'Offical Selection'
DeReel Independent Film Festival 2007
Melbourne, Australia

'Offical Selection'
Village D-Cinema Festival 2007
Lisbon, Portugal

'Offical Selection'
Everglades International Film Festival 2007 (South Africa)
Johannesburg, South Africa

'Offical Selection'
Swansea Bay Film Festival 2007 (Wales, UK)
Wales, UK

'Offical Selection'
Victoria Independent Film Festival 2007 (Melbourne)
Melbourne, Australia